This week, we finally busted out of the mansion. Not sure this season kept us there longer than others but it was time for he change of scenery. The ladies freak out about the move to Lake Tahoe as if it’s the place of their dreams and we know things are bound to get good (errrr or better?) this week. It’s the standard format – two one-on-ones and one group date.

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First up it’s a solo date with Seinne. “Let’s let our love soar.” Thankfully the bachelorettes don’t throw around the “L” word quite as early as those date cards. We have our first scene of rubbing the girls’ noses in a date as they float by parasailing, with the other ladies conveniently holding binoculars.

Will You Accept This Podcast - Bachelor Podcast

The ladies head off for the group date, where they learn that they are going to be learning some survival techniques. Some of the ladies spend the first part of the date with Arie and the other half of the group unfortunately do not. We learn from Chris Harrison’s blog that the ladies were very good sports in general, as it ended up unexpectedly snowing on this date and they were not dressed appropriately. They give the ladies the impression that they’re going to have to drink their own pee and stop Jaqueline just before she follows through. Kendall tries to show she’s a good sport about it all by actually eating some bugs. Ew. But Arie is digging it and they make out directly afterwards.

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It’s Bekah M with the final date of the week. Her reaction to getting the date might be the best one we’ve ever seen. They ride horses. They spend time in a hot tub. And then, they finally have that big conversation that all of America has been waiting to see – they talk age. He tells her he doesn’t want a 22-year-old girlfriend – yet, somehow he can’t let her go. She gets the rose and gets to stick around the mansion for at least another week.

The week’s Krystal drama continues into the rose ceremony. The ladies are devastated to learn it’ll be no cocktail party this week – decisive Arie has made up his mind. This is unacceptable for Krystal, who interrupts him at the start of the ceremony, unable to let go of the chance to have her few minutes with Arie. The ladies are furious and thinks he’ll send her home. While Arie seems a bit confused about the whole thing, he doesn’t seem to find it as rude of a move as everyone else. The rose ceremony resumes and we say goodbye to Brittany and Caroline. Next week, they’re off to Fort Lauderdale and we have to admit, we’re pretty jealous.


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