It’s the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling meets the Gorgeous Ladies of the Bachelor for our first group date. Kenny King makes a delightful cameo setting the stage and kicking off the date by wresting Arie. The ladies learn the theatrics of wrestling, and add in some drama of their own. Meanwhile back at the house, there is starting to be some interesting drama of its own.

Bibiana - Bachelor 22 - Will You Accept This Podcast

For the big one-on-one, Arie whisks Lauren S away to a winery for the day where he’s more about the steak than the conversation. Lauren is all nerves and Arie offers no comfort in making her settle in, leading into an entire day of awkward. She’s sent home before the end of the date, leaving Arie to enjoy the romantic live violin music alone and the ladies in shock when her suitcase is removed.

Will You Accept This Podcast - Bachelor Podcast

And finally, the ladies go on a Best in Show Themed date where the dogs could care less about the show. We end the episode with a rose ceremony where Bibiana is excited to pull Arie aside for a special set-up she’s prepared. She’s floored as Arie parades all of the other ladies over, using the bed instead to snuggle up to lady after lady. (It’s apparent from his People blog that he was unaware, but dang. Rough.)

This week, we say farewell to Lauren S on her date and then to Bibiana and Annaliese.


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