We’re back! It’s officially Janu-ARIE, the theme ABC can’t stop pushing. While some are over the racing puns, we think we’d prefer more of those and less trying to give Arie his own month … but that’s just us. Listen to this week’s podcast below or on iTunes or Stitcher. And as always, let us know your thoughts at acceptthispodcast@gmail.com or 256-648-5272!


This week’s premiere episode spent a ton of time rehashing the “Road to Arie” special, which may be because so many people missed it when it came on live. We saw a summary of Arie’s time on Emily’s season (including that heartbreaker of an exit) and some of the fabulous bios of this season’s contestants – as usual, a mix of some likely to be around a while this season and some that were too interesting for ABC not to give at least bit of air time. Some of those we see include:

  • Single-mom Chelsea from Portland, Maine
  • Realtor Caroline from Florida – who has so much in common with Arie because they both buy and sell houses, obviously.
  • Professional photographer Maquel – who we’ve since learned thanks to the internet was married until 3 months prior to taping. Expecting more of a story to follow there.
  • Raven’s good friend Tia, who is from Weiner, Arkansas. Both facts continue to be mostly all we know about her this episode.
  • Taxidermy collecting, ukulele playing Kendall, who perhaps most importantly looks just like our friend Ashley S. (We miss you so much, Ashley S.)

ABC brings Sean Lowe back out to give some sage advice. Even he jokes perhaps it’s not sticking, seeing as The Bachelor leads don’t have the best track record. Then it was time for the entrances. There were real estate lines (“Maybe we’ll both be off the market at the end of this.”) There were trinkets galore – from elephant cuff links to Mardi Gras beads to a gratitude rock to a hot dog chain.

Bachelor Podcast - Will You Accept This Podcast - Bachelor 22 - Arie Luyendyk Jr

And of course, there were cars. Lots of cars. Bekah comes in a mini race car, saying she “might be young, but she can appreciate something classic.” Appropriate, as her chyron is mysteriously missing her age. Ashley comes in waving a racing flag, saying she hopes to make it to the finish line. Maquel later arrives in a race car, an entrance that Arie seemed to be all about. The car theme continues into the cocktail party – with Brittany T bringing out two large cars for them to race. If she wins, she said she gets to kiss him. Arie throws the race, ending up in the first kiss of the season.

Some exchanges were less thematic. Jenna ends up massaging his feet, putting them in water. He’s very confused but seems attracted to her quirky personality. Jessica tells a heartfelt story of how her late father once met, and was a huge fan of, Are.

Will You Accept This Podcast - Bachelor Podcast - The Bachelor - Bachelor 22

Chelsea steals Arie twice – giving her two opportunities to get to know him even as several of the ladies never had one. Arie has since defended his decision saying that she showed a lot of initiative. Initiative … pushy approach… samesies. The night saw the exit of seven ladies – Ali, Amber, Bri, Brittane J, Jessica, Lauren J, Nysha, Olivia. And like that, we went from 29 to 22.



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