Surprise, we are back early! If you’re like us, we felt like going into this break between Bachelor shows that we had a bit of homework assigned to us by ABC. One of us watched his time on Emily Maynard’s season in real-time but one of us had never seen it at all. Whether you’re watching Bachelorette 8 for the first time, rewatching to freshen up on all things Arie or looking for us to give you the Cliff’s Notes version – we’re looking forward to chatting with you during our Fall mini-season.

We’re kicking off this week with this first episode of ours which covers off on the first three episodes of Emily’s season. Some of the highlights include this season’s unique characters (there’s always a few and, as always, this one doesn’t disappoint), this season’s production budget (way higher – all kinds of interesting locations and musicians/celebs we actually know) and extra time focused on our Bachelor-to-be.

Meet Arie - Will You Accept This Podcast - The Bachelor

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