It’s hard to believe it, but another summer has come and gone. After this marathon known as 2017 where we’ve had a whirlwind from Bachelor to Bachelorette to Bachelor in Paradise, we’re not sure what we’re going to do on Mondays for the next several months. We only somewhat kid. We actually are working on some cool new things we hope to share in the interim and that we’re going to be working on for you guys. We need to know from you – who out of Bachelor Nation do you want to hear from? We’re talking some of your faves from the Bachelor Vault – or maybe some folks you haven’t heard from in a while that you’d love to hear an interview with. Who’s on your list? Send us an email here or leave us a voicemail at 256-648-5272 and let us know.

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Last night’s finale and reunion was … weird. Last year, there were too many forced feeling engagements. Thankfully this year, we didn’t have that level of a finale. After a season where love felt like an after thought and the overall flow of the season was pretty much nonexistent, guess it shouldn’t be surprising we were left with something that felt off. We had Jasmine and Tickle Monster parting ways. Jack Stone wanted to leave with Christin, but she said no thanks. Diggy didn’t want to leave with Dominique, but asked Jaimi to leave with him to see what might happen – she said nah, let’s just be friends. Even Amanda and Robby who we know had a relationship post-Paradise did not “leave together,” with Amanda choosing to be realistic about their relationship outside of the show.

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We had Dean saying goodbye to DLo, for us to learn maybe he didn’t say bye? But he loves Kristina? What? We don’t even know what is going on. If you didn’t see it yet, there was also this super awkward segment with Kristina, Dean, and Danielle L from The Ellen Show this week. The awkwardness continues? Is the show making them do this? Let them all have a breather. Think we all need a break here.

We had three “couples” electing to go all Fantasy Suite on Mexico … Lacey and Daniel, Raven and Adam and Taylor and Derek. We learn at the reunion special that it was all for show for Lacey and Daniel, which comes out in his ITMs during their off camera time and in their interview in the after show. We used to think Daniel was funny, but BIP4 managed to undo that sentiment altogether.

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We learn that Adam and Raven are still dating – and that she met his family the weekend after the reunion special and he met her parents at the live show taping. They’ve done some traveling together too since the show concluded – including a trip to San Francisco and the Dominican Republic. Something seems a bit off – but we will see there.

Bachelor in Paradise; Bachelor Podcast; Will You Accept This Podcast with Lara Ziobro and Leslie Salas; Reality TV; BIP Podcast; Bachelor Podcast

And of course, we have the overwhelming success story – Taylor and Derek! Congratulations to these two on their engagement. We read about the proposal weeks ago, but it was wonderful to see it for ourselves. I think Derek’s proposal was far better than most of the bachelor leads we’ve had over the season. Here’s to (selfishly) hoping we get to see these two tie the knot on screen! Hopefully we will get the chance to talk to these two along with some of the others from the season during our upcoming Bachelor break.

We also took some time to talk about the big announcement of the new Bachelor – Arie Luyendyk. What do you guys think of ABC’s choice?

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