Surprise! This week was only three hours instead of four – which meant we were able to add another surprise into the mix and get the podcast out to you guys on Tuesday. What did you guys think of that timing?

We started this week with a couple of new arrivals – Fred and Blake (no, not that Blake – the Whaboom-hating-Blake). Fred sets his sights on asking out Dom and Blake, after trying to ask out Kristina, ends up taking out Christin. Jack Stone is not loving it.  But he does manage to pass the time as all of the ladies decide to find out what it’s like to kiss Jack while Christin is away.

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The gang finds out there are no new arrivals to anticipate, but that there will be a date card arriving and then a rose ceremony that night. Robby gets the date card and asks Amanda to go.

Before we get our third rose ceremony, Ben Z chose to say his goodbyes. Only, of course, after a round of shots and one last pow wow with the guys. The bromance vibes have been strong this season. We can’t blame him though on his exit. As he says, his love for Zeus is stronger than his chance at finding “the one” amidst the remaining crew at the resort.

The Bachelor; Bachelor in Paradise; Will You Accept This Podcast with Lara and Leslie; Will You Accept This Podcast; Bachelor in Paradise; BIP

And one triangle finally comes to a much overdue close. Danielle L gives Dean an ultimatum – he’s either fully in with her or she’s out. I really think Dean was gonna let this one drag out even further. Thank goodness someone made the decision for him. Kristina’s comment as it was her turn to give out the rose was so heartbreaking – as was her confrontation with Raven from earlier in the episode. We are sad to not see Kristina next Monday but so glad she took herself out of this equation. You deserve the world, lady!

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Night 2 was a bit of a blur. We had three new arrivals – Jaimi, Haley and Emily. All face that late-in-BIP challenge of finding a date. Jaimi asks Diggy, who seems to be into their date. Haley wants to ask Derek but um, that’s not happening. Same for Emily. She set her sights on Dean – who, in spite of seeming attracted to her physically, decides going on a date with her would be disrespectful to both DLo and Kristina. Ah – now you’re worried about disrespecting Kristina? Pssshhhh. The twins end up lining up dates with Jack Stone and the Tickle Monster instead … and then no one, as they freak out and storm out of Paradise.

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We learned that Monday is our finale. Will there be Fantasy Suites? We feel like there has to be. Right?

We want to know your thoughts this week’s episodes, what you’re expecting for Monday and what you’re hoping for in the finale. Leave us a voicemail at 256-648-5272 or send us an email.


Bachelor News

  • Supposedly Corinne has a number of projects in the works, including both a scripted and unscripted TV show. The scripted one is set to star none other than Queen Corn.
  • Bachelor Watch continues, with Mike Fleiss dragging out the announcement. He’s confirmed it’s a no for Dean and Wells, along with any of the guys from JoJo’s season.
  • This week on her podcast, Kaitlyn Bristowe revealed that Ben H was supposed to have been in her final two. Read here or listen to her podcast here for the scoop.
  • “It’s okay to feel broken. It’s okay to cry. It’s okay to lean on a friend. In the end, it will always be okay.” – Vanessa Grimaldi opens up to People and in this Instagram post about her split with Nick Viall.

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