It’s a jam packed week, as we kick off with the resolution from last week’s Liz bombshell. The ladies are quick to forgive as they focus on squealing for the Backstreet Boys. Some of the ladies bust out their best moves on stage with Nick.

Will You Accept This Podcast - Bachelor Nick - Bachelor Podcast

Vanessa goes gravity-less with Nick in this week’s one-on-one. Nick muses that they might be the first to make out in this plane (and we’re all pretty doubtful on that one). We did really enjoy seeing Nick comfort Vanessa during her motion sickness. Emotion! Yes!! Vanessa is the frontrunner for a reason.

Bachelor Podcast - Bachelor Nick - Will You Accept This Podcast

A group of the ladies compete in a Nickatholon with some famous Olympians. Rachel wins, though it’s Astrid who steals that extra time in the track0-side hot tub with Nick. During the group date, Dominique makes an early exit following her convo with Nick.

Bachelor Podcast - Will You Accept This Podcast - Bachelor Nick -

And of course, this week’s Corinne, Corinne, Corinne – so long as it’s not naptime. Our cycle of sad “to be continueds” continued this week, leaving us to wait another week to see who else Nick sends home following the Bounce House scandal.

Will You Accept This Podcast - Bachelor Nick - Bachelor Podcast

Listen below for our thoughts.

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