The season gets in full swing with the first two group dates and our first 1:1. The ladies get a sense for the lengths to which Corinne will go to stand out in the group during the first group date. It was just your typical first date – you know. Taking wedding photos. The women respond in different ways, as several are chosen not to be brides but bridesmaids. Que horor! The ladies are not pleased when Corinne takes off her top and is rewarded with not only a rose for their photo challenge but also from Nick himself.

Bachelor Nick - Will You Accept This Podcast - Bachelor Podcast

Danielle M goes on the first 1:1 and we are totally rooting for her. We’re with Lacey, who says she didn’t realize girls as nice as Danielle M exist. Maybe she’ll surprise us yet, but we think she’s up at the top for the nicest in the house. During their date, Danielle uses the time to open up to Nick about her past. Danielle is super relieved that her heartbreaking experience with her fiancé’s overdose doesn’t scare Nick away as he gives her a rose.

Will You Accept This Podcast - Nick Viall - Bachelor Podcast

The final group date takes the ladies to a Museum of Failed Relationships. Perfecting the art of the breakup is totally what The Bachelor is all about, right? The show had to use one more opportunity to reiterate that Nick has been broken up with on this show multiple times. Shocker! Who knew! We see the ring he “gave” Kaitlyn there on display. The ladies then all get their opportunity to break-up with Nick. Liz uses her time in front of Nick to use their real story as her pretend break-up. This leads to our first cliffhanger as the truth about Nick and Liz’s past gets out, and Nick sends her packing.

Will You Accept This Podcast - Bachelor Nick - Bachelor Podcast

Listen to this week’s podcast for all of our thoughts on what went down.

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