We are back with an all new season – but I guess this one doesn’t feel too new, now does it? I think we might be more surprised to reach the point where we don’t see the familiar face of our friend Nick Viall – but we’re rooting for a good season with him at the helm.

Will You Accept This Podcast - Episode 1

ABC is rooting for him too – sending him 30 ladies to kick off season 21. Perhaps more options ups his chance of success? Only time will tell. Some moments this episode had us as surprised as Josephine getting a rose on Monday night.

In the interim, you bet we’ll be keeping an eye on what this season’s contestants are tweeting. You can too with our handy Twitter list for the season!

Here’s how we called episode 1 (and our thoughts on what we’d like to think of as this season’s mascot, the sha-dolphin). Below you can also take a look at the news articles we mention at the end of the podcast.

Will You Accept This Podcast - Nick Viall - Episode 1

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